Cat sitting

About Our Cat sitting

Our cat visits will allow your cat(s) to stay in the comfort of your home, enjoying familiar surroundings and favourite cat nap places. The visits are often more cost effective than using catteries and you can benefit from all our extra services (which are all free of charge), knowing your home is looked after whilst you are away.

- Service includes

  • Topping up food and water bowls as per your noted instructions.
  • Cleaning feeding bowls, feeding area, litter tray as well as play and cuddle your cat(s)
  • We will provide you with updates and photos to help keep you in touch and put your mind at rest.

- Other Services free of charge

We are happy to wipe down surfaces and push the hoover round so that your house is as you left it. Please make sure you tell us where your cleaning items are stored!
We can move bins in and out as required
Don't worry about your plants, we can give them a sprinkle of water too!
It can be useful for your house to look occupied so we can also open/close curtains and leave lights on as requested

Price List

As with all our pet sitting services, prices are per household not per pet

  • Per Visit


Clients may also use this service for ad-hoc feeding whilst at work as well as in emergencies subject to availability and signed off terms and conditions.