Dog Walking

About Our Walks

Group Walking

We walk a maximum of four dogs at any one time. This means the dogs get to enjoy each other’s company, while we maintain full control and give them the attention they deserve. Group walks are for 1 hour or 2 hours and take place in the morning and afternoon.

We have lived our whole lives in the area and are therefore very familiar with the different walking areas. We like to keep our walks varied so that our dogs are visually stimulated by their surroundings and have new areas to smell and explore.

All dogs will be walked on lead initially but can be walked off lead if required - a disclaimer must be signed.

We come to you and collect your dog(s), at an agreed time, so that you don’t have to be there when they are taken out and returned. Please note we have full liability insurance and key loss cover.

On all walks, dogs are fully supervised. We ensure water is available whilst walking and towel clean coats and muddy paws before returning them home. Treats, cuddles and capturing their adventures for you to see comes free of charge!

Solo Walk

Not all dogs enjoy walking with others and prefer to be on their own. We are happy to do 30 minute or hour long walks locally at a pre-agreed time. This is often a good option for puppies until they transition to group walks.

Price List

10% Discount - minimum 3 walks per week

  • 1 hour group walk £15
  • 2 hour group walk£28
  • 30 min solo walk£15
  • 1 hour solo walk£25