Home Visit

Dog Drop-In

This service is perfect for your pet(s) while you are away at work or just gone for the day. We will come and check on your pet(s), participate in play time, replenish the water/food, offer care and support and give lots of TLC. If required, we can add in a walk or take them with us on one of our group walks.

  • Per Visit £14

Puppy Visits

We offer a service where we will come to your house and take care of your young puppy at the prearranged times. It can be daunting leaving them at home for the first time and we know how much your growing bundle of fur especially needs extra love and care. We are here to support you during this crucial stage of their development.

The time spent with your puppy includes feeding and providing water as well as cleaning up any accidents and providing toilet breaks. We will also help with basic training, ie toilet training, on basic commands. We will send lots of photos and updates to tell you how your new best friend is getting on.

  • Per Visit £14


The ‘first weeks alone package’ is designed to ease the stress for your puppy when being left alone for the first time. You create your own visiting schedule from the options below deciding what you think is needed for your puppy.

  • 1 visit of 1 hour £12
  • 2 visit of 1 hour £21


Our home visit can also be used for post operative care for your pet. We will come to your home and look after your pet after an operation, following your vet instructions very closely to ensure they get all the attention they need to get through the healing process.

  • Per Visit£14


Fancy a night out but worried about how your furry dog(s) copes being left for the evening? We will come to your property at the agreed time and keep your dog entertained in the surrounding of their own home. Taking them on their important toilet breaks when needed and giving them a cuddle and lots of love in your absence.

  • 1 Visit of 1 hour£12

Minimum 2hr booking after 6pm